Best Backyard Landscape Ideas For Longwood Fl Home Owners

Let’s do some landscaping. Now you need to find the Best Backyard Landscape Ideas For home in Longwood Fl, How many times have you thought about this when looking at your yard?? It is fun to change the yard adding flowers and bushes and maybe some rocks. There are so many different varieties and decorative […]

How To Create Your Garden Oasis of Rock and Boulders

Florida – tropical paradise, sandy beaches, blue water, and clear skies. This is what most people think when someone mentions Florida. Although this is a good description, there is more. In the Orlando area you will find lush gardens with many varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowers. One way home owners are trying to add […]

Central Florida Fall Landscaping And Planting Report

Central Florida Fall Landscaping And Planting Report ask a professional Screening with Plants If your yard does not have a fence, you may wish to consider planting a row of hawthorn, juniper, arborvitae, or a combination of these bushes to provide privacy and give a backdrop for future flower beds. A strategically placed evergreen screen […]

How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Central Florida

Dear Friend, If you have a lawn or garden this message will strike a cord,we all know weeds grow everywhere and getting rid of them is another story so I wanted shed some light on the different types of weeds and how to get  rid of them.A knowledgeable landscape architect will be able to steer you […]

Longwood Landscape Company Talks About The Palms of Florida

Think Florida – Think Tropical – Think Palms Along the highways of Florida there are many palm trees. Most of these trees are the Canary Island Date Palm which grows up to 60 feet tall. While these massive trees adorn the highways and some back roads of Florida, they are also conducive to home landscaping. […]

Landscape ideas on Keeping it Green

Walking on the lawn of green lush grass is like walking on soft carpet. This is exactly what you want your lawn to be like. Now that you have it how do you keep it lush? There are many pieces that make up the puzzle of lawn maintenance. Each piece is important and all work […]

How To Chose The Right Landscape and Lawn Service

Dear Friend Finding The Best  Landscaping Company in Longwood Florida that can and will provide you 5 star customer service may seem Impossible! and you maybe shocked by what your about to read.  How to Find The Best Longwood  Lawn service company . Your head will spin with so many companies to chose from, most home […]

Butterfly landscape design

Having a pool in Orlando is a great way to relish the Florida sunshine. The pool can be a relaxing place any time of day. In the morning use it for exercise to start the day and in the evening it becomes the reliever and calmer after a long day. The body and soul are […]

Landscaping for Plants and Pets

Plants and pets are NOT mutually exclusive. When designing yard landscaping there are many factors to consider – water, soil, sun, shade, and so on. What about pets? Yes, they must be considered since many plants and flowers can make them sick. Some are toxic and have the potential to kill the pet, others will […]