Landscape ideas on Keeping it Green

Walking on the lawn of green lush grass is like walking on soft carpet. This is exactly what you want your lawn to be like. Now that you have it how do you keep it lush?

There are many pieces that make up the puzzle of lawn maintenance. Each piece is important and all work together in keeping the lushness of the grass.
Irrigation is very important especially during the summer months. As the heat increases in Florida the grass will thirst for moisture, yet interestingly you can over water your lawn. Talk with a professional landscape contractor in Longwood and learn how to determine the amount of water needed at any given time. A sprinkler or irrigation system may be installed in order to maintain the lushness. If so, contract with a professional and allow them to set up the system. A timer may even be added not only to control the amount of water but also to determine when water is needed.
Mowing is another important facet of a lush lawn. More important than how often you mow is your mower’s blades. First off, blades should be sharpened each season so the grass is cut not hacked. The height of the blade is significant so the grass isn’t cut too close to the ground. Taller grass will stimulate root growth which will help with drought conditions. The deeper the roots, the more moisture will be reached.Your landscaper will know all these tips and will be able to put you on the right track for the perfect lawn. lawn service Longwood Fl
No matter how well maintained your lawn, weeds could be an issue. If you choose not to use herbicides, then hand pulling the weeds will be necessary. If you decide to use chemicals, check with professionals to see when is the best time to use the weed control and how to use it. Used incorrectly or at the wrong time, the herbicides can be damaging to the lawn and surrounding plants. Another way to control weeds is to make sure edging is done regularly. It is difficult for weeds to get a deep hold if the lawn if well maintained. One thing to remember about weeds is they will bloom, the seeds will be spread, and more unwanted greens will grow the following year. So weed control is very important for lawns.

Do you have the urge to fertilize your lawn? Stop and ask what time of year is it? No fertilizing in the heat of the summer, in fact discontinue about a month before the heat arrives. If you fertilize during the summer your lawn could burn and turn brown. When choosing fertilizers there is now an organic option. These fertilizers have a slow release and a tendency for not as much lawn burn.
When you think of lawn maintenance, you generally think about lawn care such as mowing and edging.  Another very important part of lawn care is the clean up after the maintenance. Cleaning is as vital as mowing, edging, and weed pulling. Never leave clippings or edging remnants on the lawn and surrounding areas. Blow, rake, or sweep these items and dispose of them in the proper manner.
Although you are capable of maintaining your lawn, it is always good to discuss lawn care with the professionals. Choosing the best fertilizer, weed control items, and the proper soil can be best done with the assistance of experts. Formulate your plan and then discuss the implementation with the lawn care professionals at Matts meticulous Landscaping for a free estimate on your lawn and landscape needs Call (321)377-4393.