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If you want to enjoy a nice landscaped yard but you don’t have the time for upkeep. Hiring a landscape maintenance crew is the most important step to living a stress free life style. Just because your yard is landscaped does not mean it requires a great deal of care. Matt and his team have a low maintenance landscaping edging ideas designed for you we are here to help put the best plan in place for your home.

Think about what takes the most time in the yard Landscaping mowing grass and watering. If you want a nice lawn and low maintenance, think an irrigation system. With an automatic irrigation system your lawn and garden will be watered on a regular basis at a specific time. You could also contract with our service to help you with landscaping edging ideas .This is one way to have a low maintenance yard and landscaping. It would be low maintenance to you but the landscaping itself is still high maintenance. It is just done by someone other than yourself that’s where we come in to the picture.

When you really want low maintenance landscaping we begin by looking at your overall property. We are experts at devising a plan for the entire area and gear it toward low maintenance. When designing the plan, keep it simple and this will help on maintenance. You may enjoy garden statues and water fountains but they can involve continuing care in order to maintain proper working order and attractiveness. Instead working with us the top landscape professionals in central Florida we help you choose plants and shrubs that can be grouped together. Besides looking good in groups, choosing these plants all involve similar care �” same light, moisture, and pruning needs. As far as pruning goes, find plants that need no or little pruning.

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Even if your plants are grouped together there still can be weed issues. One way to control weeds is by using mulch. One aspect of mulch is that it not only controls weeds, it also supports watering by retaining moisture. The mulch will aid in facilitating and controlling nourishment entering the soil. All of this helps with the appearance of the bed or garden.

Native Central Florida plants and shrubs are good choices when looking at low maintenance gardens. They will not take as much care and they can also attract wildlife to your garden. You will enjoy watching butterflies flit from plant to plant as well as other helpful garden insects.

An example of a Florida native would be lovegrass. It comes in two varieties Elliot’s and purple lovegrass. Their leaves are stiff and grow in clusters about a foot high with wispy flowers and they will aid in erosion control. Give them full sun and sandy, poor soil and they will prosper. Another benefit is they tolerate drought conditions and can be used for bordering, edging or ground cover. The purple lovegrass has red and purple flowers and is a great year round addition to the garden.landscape architecture

When we design low maintenance landscaping edging ideas and garden areas some points to remember are:

  • Decrease the amount of lawn
  • Evaluate irrigations systems
  • Use edging whenever possible
  • Mulch to reap benefits
  • Use native plants and mainly perennials
  • Whatever used, make it superior quality, durable, and permanent

The best way to resolve the issues of low maintenance landscaping is to work with a landscaping professional Matts Meticulous Landscaping provides real solutions to low maintenance landscaping. Make a list of your needs and wishes and let us devise a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.

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