Best Backyard Landscape Ideas For Longwood Fl Home Owners

Let’s do some landscaping. Now you need to find the Best Backyard Landscape Ideas For home in Longwood Fl, How many times have you thought about this when looking at your yard?? It is fun to change the yard adding flowers and bushes and maybe some rocks. There are so many different varieties and decorative pieces to choose from, sometimes it is difficult to decide.I always recommend consulting a professional Landscape design company for the best advice to your new landscape project.Longwood Landscaper

When you think about landscaping and gardens there are many options. In designing your garden, consider the various types of gardens that are available. These include the basic vegetable and flower variety. Then you could add a rock garden and even a rain forest. Yet, one of the more interesting and unique ones, would be a rain garden.
These gardens are not only beautiful but also work to improve the environment. The gardens are built in low spots near driveways, patios, or downspouts. Their purpose is to slow down and reduce rainwater runoff along with returning water to an aquifer and erosion reduction. That is a lot for a small garden.
We have so much of our green space covered in asphalt, concrete, and buildings making it difficult for rainwater to be absorbed back into the ground. During and after a rain the water runs down the driveway to the storm drain. Along with the water goes chemicals and pesticides used on the lawn and garden and these also go into the storm drain. There is very little time for this water to soak into the ground since there is very little ground for soaking. Planting a garden at a low spot helps the water to soak in the ground which will aid in taking out the bad stuff before the water hits the aquifer.

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The rain garden is nothing more than deep rooted native plants and some grasses which can live on little moisture during dry seasons then soak up lots of water as it runs down. There are many flowers which will work well in a rain garden including blue flag iris, cannas, swamp sunflower, swamp lily, spider lily, milkweed, and goldenrod. Grasses which could be incorporated into the garden include Florida gamma grass, wiregrass, and muhly grass. Depending on the size of the garden, shrubs could also be added. These would include wax myrtle, Virginia willow, and buttonbush. Rocks and stones could be used for bordering. Plants and grasses used in a rain garden may attract butterflies and other wildlife thereby adding an additional benefit.  The garden is good for the water supply as well as nature.
When building a rain garden, look at it as your contribution to the environment. You will be allowing the runoff to soak in the ground where the chemicals and other foreign elements will be filtered out. You and your rain garden are helping to purify the water supply.
Depending on the size of your yard, more than one rain garden could be developed. Any low spot from a downspout, driveway, patio or sidewalk would serve as a great location for a rain garden. Evaluate your yard and see where a rain garden would work and then design each a little differently to add variety to your landscaping. Then sit back, enjoy your gardens and know you are contributing to the environment.