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Having a pool in Orlando is a great way to relish the Florida sunshine. The pool can be a relaxing place any time of day. In the morning use it for exercise to start the day and in the evening it becomes the reliever and calmer after a long day. The body and soul are soothed and refreshed while the stress of the day is washed off.

As you are enjoying the evening around the pool, you realize the area could use updating and enhancement. As the colors in the sky change and the day wanes, thoughts turn to fields of colorful summer flowers and butterflies flying from one bush to the other. Why not build a butterfly garden around the pool? Watching butterflies feed and flutter will add an increased depth of relaxation.Landscape design Longwood Fl

The elements of the garden will be flowers, rocks, water, and bushes. Decide what area of the pool to build the garden. Sun is needed but also shelter from wind. If you already have trees and shrubs in place this would make a good wind buffer. The shrubs will not only control the wind but also make a good resting place at night.

Just as you enjoy basking in the sun so do butterflies. Place rocks, including flat ones, in areas of sun. While you are relaxing, the sunning butterflies will add an extra dose of peacefulness. Along with the rocks, add a birdbath or two for the water supply. Not all butterflies drink water, some get all their moisture from nectar. For the ones that need water, they don’t drink from large pools of water. In the bowl of the birdbath add sand, or soil, or half sand and half soil. A few small rocks could also be used for added dimension. Add water to the mixture and make small pools so the butterflies are able to get water through their feeding tubes. Do not use clay based soil, this will become hard and void of moisture.

Now the fun part, adding the flowers to the garden. Think color – black eyed-susans and zinnias. Cosmos come in a variety of colors from bright pink to pale yellow. There is even a chocolate cosmos to add depth of color to the garden. Butterflies are not only attracted to color but also smell. Plant flowers with rich aromas not only for the butterflies but also for your enjoyment. The options are many, research and choose the ones you like and call a landscape designer in Longwood Fl.

Don’t forget, in order to have butterflies there must be caterpillars. The larvae, caterpillars, need nourishment also. They enjoy munching on herbs like fennel with its anise flavor, parsley, and dill. In with the butterfly garden plant an herb garden for the larvae. They also enjoy milkweed which will add color to the herb garden. The caterpillars may even allow you to share some of their herbs for your cooking.

Map out the butterfly and larvae gardens, decide on the flowers and herbs, build a water supply, and then have fun building the gardens. You will create an oasis for caterpillars and butterflies and add to your relaxation and enjoyment by the pool in the Orlando sunshine and find out how a landscape design coming can help you achieve the wonderful paridise your looking for.