How To Create Your Garden Oasis of Rock and Boulders

Florida – tropical paradise, sandy beaches, blue water, and clear skies. This is what most people think when someone mentions Florida. Although this is a good description, there is more. In the Orlando area you will find lush gardens with many varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

One way home owners are trying to add variety to their landscaping as well as lower maintenance is to use rocks and stones. They come in many different types and will add color and texture to any garden. Pathways can be made throughout an area. Benches and birdbaths can be added to give personal touches and places for lingering. Larger rocks, boulders, can be placed in the beds to give relief or a place for crawling plants to grow.

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Not only rocks but also bricks can be used to add variety. Design a main brick walkway with rock ways leading off into other areas of the yard. Design areas where the plants and shrubs are in the same family or have a vegetable patch, herb patch, and flower patch. Make the areas colorful, fun, and personal.
There is a difference between using rocks in your yard and garden and building a rock garden.

These began in Europe and Asia along the hillsides with rock outcroppings. Most original rock gardens were for flowers or ornamentals. These make beautiful gardens but why not build something that is useful and tasty? Design and build a rock garden with herbs. Orlando does not have mountains or outcroppings but the flat land is ideal for building up with rocks of all sizes. Once you decide where your garden will be and you have a layout, bring in some large boulders. These could be used as garden seats to admire the plants and savor the smells. If you find a boulder with a recess deep enough, use it for water for visiting birds and butterflies.

Once the boulders are set, fill in with smaller gravel and stone. Have fun, choose different colors, shapes and sizes. Use some river rock which can be various shades and sizes, then add lava rock with its pink tinge. Throw in some white, maybe crushed concrete or marble. There are so many different colors, sizes and types to choose from sometimes it is difficult to make a decision. An interesting and striking garden could be made by having various areas with different colors and sizes of rocks. This could delineate different groupings of herbs and edible flowers.

Always consult with a landscape professional before choosing herbs and edible flowers. The landscape experts have a wealth of knowledge and can assist with groupings. These specialist can recommend the types of soil to use and the best drainage solutions.
Make your plan, design your layout, choose your plantings, select the rocks, and enjoy the process. Look to Longwood landscaping professionals Matts Meticulous Landscaping  for assistance in soil, drainage, and care of the garden.

Once completed, plan menus using the herbs and edible flowers you have available and share with friends. Delight in the peace and serenity your garden will bring.
Your garden – your oasis.