How To Chose The Right Landscape and Lawn Service

How to Find The Best Orlando Landscaping Company

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Finding The Best  Landscaping Company in Longwood Florida that can and will provide you 5 star customer service may seem Impossible! and you maybe shocked by what your about to read.

 How to Find The Best Longwood  Lawn service company .

Your head will spin with so many companies to chose from, most home owners have no way to determine if any of the companies you are about to hire is going to show up when they are suppose to,carry insurance, or have the proper equipment to get  your landscaping looking  golf course perfect.

Are You being held hostage by your landscaper?

Are you a victim of poor workmanship and spotty service?

There are really only a hand full of reasons why most people look  for a new landscape service!

  • You are new to the area just moved in to your home
  • Your Unhappy with their current company
  • You Just want a new look or feel like the yard could look better

In Order to Find The Best Lawn service Company for your needs You Must Ask yourself these 3 questions…

  1. Does your landscape bring out the best in your home and how it looks ?
  2. Are you spending a lot of your money and  your free time working on your landscape still not getting the results you want ?
  3. Are you getting sick and tired of your landscape looking average ?

“# 1 secret”To Finding The Best Longwood landscaping company.

Let me start by saying we stand up to this test all the time,because when it comes to making your yard look great by just adding some Mulch or attention to detail, every Orlando Landscaping company will tell you how great they are so here is how you can tell,the #1 secret is….

Get names and addresses from home owners of the  landscaping company your interviewing to work on your landscaping you want a list of their currently clients that they service and work for.

Drive out to see a few of the homes they currently service,decide right away if your impressed enough at the work they do to even consider them for your home, first impressions are everything.

Your yard and your home are unique, landscaping ideas are not the same for everyone.We are including this check list to help you decide what type of company will best fit your needs,we hope it helps and as always your questions are welcomed.

What the other Longwood landscaping companies don’t want you to know.


Simple tips on how to pick the best Landscape Service Company in Longwood Fl

There are 3 type of   landscape companies, the level of service and quality could change drastically from group to group.

  • Group A).(over 10 employees)Some time bigger is better, these companies have established themselves as the professionals, Like Matts Meticulous Landscaping an Orlando Landscaping Company.Always using the best equipment, training their landscaping crews on how to be professional landscapers not just a person to cut your lawn,Training the crew prevents mishaps and we can spot problems before they occur, transporting  the landscaping equipment used in maintaining your landscaping in enclosed trailers, why  does that make a difference? less maintenance cost we pass the savings on to you the customer, better care, fewer break downs,servicing your lawn on time every time.  enclosed trailers keep lawn equipment out of the weather. This helps provide top notch, quality landscaping care,sharper blades mean cleaner cuts expect  your landscaping to look great. No cutting corners here


  • Group B).(2 to 3 man companies)Most have been in business a few years paying for the equipment, they have a trailer to haul their equipment and most likely are doing small to mid size jobs price is their only competitive edge no over head so they are very cheap and usually you get what you pay for if professional quality and service are not important and price is all you care about you can take a chance on this group it may work out it may not.


  • Group C).(one man companies) usually start ups,one person company someone who is just getting started in the landscaping business, have a lawn mower a blower and an edger, kind of like your neighbor teenager trying to earn some extra cash, finding a lawn to mow, or someone who is retired and wants a couple of lawns to cut to stay busy and earn a little extra income most of the time working out of the back of a pickup truck or towing a small trailer not much experience and may not be in for the long haul, nothing  wrong with the set up everyone starts somewhere but  this is at best taking a chance on your part, hoping things work out.

How do you know if this company is best for your home or business?

Some people think the cheaper the better, you will never congratulate yourself on how much money you saved on hiring your landscaper if your yard looks poorly landscaped and your people hardly ever show up, results are all that matter.

Price should not be the only factor in how to Find The Best landscape Company in Central Florida

If Price is all your concerned with and you really don’t care how well your landscape looks or if having someone show up every week to do your landscaping  and price is your only option than (Group C) is your choice you get what you pay for.

If you’re not concerned about quality or care, most companies fall under  group B , price is what they offer most of all, service and quality care don’t really count with this  group, if price is all that matters,(Group B) may provide a better service than some of the smaller companies, don’t expect to see your yard feature in lawn of the month clubs, so if that’s OK , good is good enough this group is for you, these companies are usually big enough that they have enough people to be able to cover the weekly maintenance contracts, they are very likely to show up almost every week.

If your concerned about your home and how it looks and it is important to you and your family Keep Reading……..

Your in the right place Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping is your choice for Landscape and a lawn maintenance service company in Longwood Fl,

The preferred choice for  homeowners who desire personalized attention, from a  full service professional company using the best equipment, combine that with proper training, you get home looking great and that shows well,at a great value, Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping is for the Homeowner  or business owner looking for value with  quality Landscape design, our business is built around it,

creativity, quality craftsmanship and lasting relationships. Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping has 40 years of combined Landscape and Lawn service experience,

using highest quality products for our customers in Orlando,Lake Mary, Winter Park,and all of Central Florida, it means everything.Voted The Best Landscape and Lawn service Company in Longwood Fl!

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