How To Achieve The Perfect Lawn

In your opinion you have achieved the perfect lawn – green, lush, soft to the touch and high in maintenance. Many people work very hard to have the “perfect lawn”. Is there really a perfect lawn and how much maintenance is too much?

The perfect Heathrow lawn for your home is in the eyes of the beholder.

Today there are lawns centered on native plants and requiring minimum maintenance which are considered perfect by some. These lawns are called xeriscaping from Greek “xeros” – dry and “scape” – view or scene. This type of landscaping consist of plants that grow slowly and can endure drought conditions. One benefit of this style landscape is lower water and maintenance costs.
In order to achieve a xeriscaping yard, certain factors must be considered and implemented.

lawn service Heathrow FlFirst and foremost there must be a plan with Central Florida rainy summers and semi dry winters, Evaluate your yard as to what elements you are working with – flat, sandy, sunny, shady, rocky, soil content, and any other aspect. Once this is determined, design the xeriscaping working with what your yard offers.
During the planning phase think native plants since these are plants that have adapted to your area. The makeup of these plants are better equipped to handle the various climate conditions of the region thereby requiring less upkeep. Native plants can also stir memories of day gone by – playing in your grandmother’s yard.
Just because you decide to use native plants does not mean your soil has the proper nutrients. The soil needs to be loose and able to hold water; this aids root growth. By adding some type of organic compost your soil will improve and give better plant and root growth. Have your soil tested to see what may need to be added this is where a Longwood landscape designer comes in to play they have a very good understanding of the soil and know what your yards nutrients will be lacking .
Next, decide the appropriate spot for each grouping of plants. Even native plants have different requirements and maintenance needs. Always separate plants that need water as compared to drought resistant plants. By doing this the correct amount of watering can be given to each group.
Plants that require plenty water can benefit from mulch. Mulch will not only retain moisture but also aid in decreasing erosion and weeds. Gravel mulch, which is longer lasting, can be used to form walks or highlight certain areas of the yard. An option instead of mulch is ground cover, especially drought resistant ones. During droughts the plants will become dormant then with rain the green will return. An example of native ground covers are sunshine mimosa and beach sunflower.
The xeriscape area does not have to be just plants and mulch. The addition of garden sculpture as well as decorative rocks can enhance the beauty. Small fence pieces can be added to give depth and backdrop.
Having a xeriscape yard doesn’t mean maintenance can be forgotten. Yard work may be at a minimum, but still needed. Moisture levels need to be monitored and some weeding and pruning may be necessary.
There are experts in this field like Long wood Landscape company Matts Meticulous Landscaping they can assist you in developing the xeriscape that is best suited for your area. Enjoy the planning process and reap the benefits of a unique landscape with xeriscape helping you make your Home your  Paradise .